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12/04/10 Francis Parker Francis Parker field #1 12:00pm
12/08/10 Clairemont H.S. Bonita Vista H.S. field #3 3:15pm
12/10/10 Our Lady of Peace Bonita Vista H.S. field #1 3:15pm
12/11/10 Barons Tourn Finals TBA TBA
12/15/11 Monte Vista H.S. Monte Vista H.S. 6:30pm
12/17/10 Mission Bay H.S. Mission Bay H.S. 3:00pm
12/20/10 Hilltop H.S. San Ysidro H.S. 12:00pm
12/21/10 Our Lady of Peace San Ysidro H.S. 12:00pm
12/22/10 Mustang Tourn Finals TBA TBA
01/05/11 Cathedral Catholic Cathedral Catholic 5:00pm
01/07/11 La Jolla H.S. La Jolla H.S. 6:00pm
01/11/11 Clairemont H.S. CCA 3:15pm
01/18/11 Valley Center H.S. Valley Center H.S. 5:30pm
01/20/11 Away can be planned TBA TBA
01/25/11 Del Norte H.S. CCA 3:15pm
01/27/11 San Dieguito Academy CCA 3:15pm
02/01/11 Orange Glen H.S. Orange Glen H.S. 5:30pm
02/03/11 Valley Center H.S. CCA 3:15pm
02/10/11 Del Norte H.S. Del Norte H.S. 5:30pm
02/15/11 Orange Glen H.S. CCA 3:15pm
02/17/11 San Dieguito Academy San Dieguito Academy 5:30pm